I started my LinkedIn Visibility journey with Mildred and saying ‘yes’ turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made.


Coming from a position of not truly understanding the power of LinkedIn, finding my voice seemed daunting. Mildred’s coaching style, patience, sense of fun, support and guidance helped me refresh my profile, build my confidence and visibility muscle, whilst challenging me on how to create and package content for my target audience, all the while encouraging me to ‘show up’ in my authentic voice.


I’ve learned so much and formed new habits that serve me and my business. Mildred is so inspirational, and I highly recommend her and her programme for those who need to start being visible on LinkedIn.
















Janet Houlis

HR Change Management Consultant

I undertook Mildred's LinkedIn programme in a bid to better support my social enterprise, PressPad, and improve my confidence in my own voice, vision and brand. 


I was particularly thankful for Mildred's mix of flexibility, positivity, kindness, can-do attitude and tough love. Mildred kept me accountable, enthused, engaged and honest. I really wanted to learn and form new habits, sometimes just so I didn't let Mildred down. Like a true coach, she tapped into understanding what motivates me and used that to help me progress! 


Most importantly, though, I felt she helped me to understand the 'WHY' of using Linkedin, championing both me and PressPad throughout the course, which in turn really helped me to find a voice and 'Start Being Visible'. 


Her tips and encouraging reminders will be in my head as I continue to progress with engaging on the platform. I'd definitely recommend her and her course to anyone wanting to step up in this way and who needs a bit of accountability, or a push, like I did!









Olivia Crellin (FRSA)

Social Entrepreneur, Founder of PressPad

Mildred's programme was exactly what I needed to get more strategic and add some structure and consistency to my content approach on LinkedIn. 


The programme is broken down into workable chunks with activities that are simple and can be done without having to spend hours and hours online - this was ideal as I did the programme at a time when I was 'time poor', dealing with an international move alongside juggling client projects as a new business owner. Each week, you are clear on what needs to be done and Mildred is right there encouraging and championing you every step of the way. 


Be prepared to be as committed to the programme as she is committed to seeing you win! She's always on the lookout for your content and has a genuine interest in what you craft and deliver – the perfect accountability partner. Just when you think you've run out of things to say or even different ways to say it, Mildred manages to get another weeks' (or two) of content out of you with ease! 


My increased activity on LinkedIn has definitely brought forward a lot more business opportunities and the way the programme is designed enables you to repeat the relevant tactics, continuing to build on the momentum. I would highly recommend working with Mildred - her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. And the results? Well, they speak for themselves.

Joanna Steele

Award-winning Digital Marketing & eCommerce Strategist

I had the privilege to work with Mildred as my Visibility Coach. She's amazing to work with and here's why – she listens to your needs and her recommendations are outstanding and yet easy to do.


Mildred breaks things down into manageable parts so you can be more visible. She's not only gifted, she's FUN and I really appreciate how REAL she is too – very relatable and brings you on to a successful path for your business. 


Mildred asks great questions and is super helpful. I appreciated how she gives you that nudge you need to push past your comfort zone and yet challenges you to think beyond things that hold you back.


If you are struggling with being more visible, Mildred's your gal! Thank you Mildred...You're a rock star.


Kris Diasio

Special Education Coach

I met Mildred at the right time when I needed to become more visible on LinkedIn. I had a few limiting stories about the platform and while I knew those were not serving me, I could not shake it off.


Talking to Mildred and eventually getting unto her 8 weeks to visible programme gave me that inner freedom to overcome those and start being myself on LinkedIn.


One of the highlights of the programme are the templates that Mildred gives which aid and grow your confidence in posting regularly. I have had more engagement with my posts and also felt confident to keep posting. also the support that I had in creating updating my profile was invaluable.


I would recommend this programme to anyone who is considering it or wants to get more visible.


Ivy Ngwa

Mindset Coach

Mildred's 8 Weeks to Visible programme does exactly what it says on the tin.


It gives you simple and practical tools to help increase your visibility on LinkedIn, build your brand and win work.


I've used mass lead generation tools before and they are no way as effective as Mildred's approach, which may take longer but it delivers meaningful and sustainable business results.










Sharon Aneja

Leadership Coach & Consultant

Mildred did a fantastic job with my profile makeover! She is very thorough and so creative in her approach. She helped me to realize that I actually have a BRAND and my profile now represents ME! I am excited to work again with Mildred in the future as part of my new journey! I highly recommend her services.


Lawana Jones

Charity CEO

I completed Mildred's 8-week programme which was excellent! Her approach is really friendly, fun and bubbly and I got so much out of the course. So if you want to know the secret to success on LinkedIn then you can't go wrong by choosing to work with Mildred.




Julia Kermode

Founder, IWork

Thank you Mildred for all your inspiration, feedback and work during your 8 Weeks to Visible programme. I truly enjoyed it and learned a lot about LinkedIn, how to write different types of posts, engage with my community and how to connect. It is a must for every business woman who wants to become visible on LinkedIn.


Petra Navel

Business English Coach

I saw Mildred on LinkedIn, liked the way she engaged online and signed up to her Masterclass.


I learnt loads from the Masterclass, and probably what resonated with me the most was the encouragement to showing up as ME as well as being consistent and perhaps a little bolder than I have been about connecting with people!

Mildred gave me tips, advice, strategy notes and encouragement leaving me ready and wanting to take more action.


I'd recommend Mildred's Masterclass to anyone who is looking to build their audience on LinkedIn...and have some fun along the way!

Nicola Powell

Video Marketing Consultant & Strategist

Mildred is a powerhouse. She is a pro at what she does – working with you to build your LinkedIn presence wisely and powerfully and providing energised coaching to help you present your authentic self, whilst harnessing the potential that being visible on LinkedIn offers. She is highly knowledgeable, provides so many supporting materials and a clear, structured outline to guide you on exactly what you can expect from her and what you achieve as a result. Very motivational and a
pleasure to work with.






Joy Omoregie

Author, Presenter & Speaker

For me Mildred is like a breath of fresh air. First, she's an expert who makes time to listen to you. So, instead of imposing a fixed model on you, she tailors her advice to what you really need. Second, she's genuinely inspiring. Whatever your hangs up are about posting on social media, Mildred will get you over that in no time at all. Seeing her has been one of the highlights of my year!








Jessie Buscombe

Senior Consultant & Career Coach