Go the extra mile…with Alfred Ajani [PODCAST – EP 3]

In this third episode of The Science of Successful Job Hunting podcast, I interview marketing graduate – and now media personality – Alfred Ajani, to find out more about how to go the extra mile in your job search and get yourself noticed. Alfred is the clever young man who landed himself a job after standing outside...

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Why graduates begging for jobs is no laughing matter…

Have you seen this photo above? It’s of 22-year-old Marketing graduate, Alfred Ajani, standing outside London Waterloo train station holding a sign that says, “Marketing graduate (Ba Hons 2.1 Coventry Uni). Ask for a CV”. According to newspaper reports, Alfred was approached by several ‘City types’ who took up his...

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Top tips for landing a job in the City…and elsewhere

Oct 03, 13 Top tips for landing a job in the City…and elsewhere

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Last month I had the opportunity to attend Prospects in the City’s ‘Square Mile Jobs‘ learning event, a project aimed at helping unemployed workers in fringe boroughs to access City jobs. The event featured a panel discussion from three City employers – Garfield Cameron, Managing Director of Alpine...

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Podcast #2 – 21 career advice for 21-year-olds

Mar 26, 13 Podcast #2 – 21 career advice for 21-year-olds

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If you could go back to being 21 again, would you…? I’d certainly be tempted, that’s for sure! Simply because I’ve learnt so much about the working world over the last few years that would have done me a WHOLE world of good had I known them at 21! But since I can’t go back in time, the next best thing...

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3 career articles you must read this week

If you’re job seeking, I can’t stress enough how important it is to feed your mind with useful resources that will help you stay ahead of the game. Thanks to the internet, there’s an entire ocean of help and advice out there waiting for you to dive in (check out these 10 must-read career blogs for starters). Now I...

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