Jobseekers’ round-up (April): CV buzzwords, cover letter headlines & side hustlin’

For this month’s Jobseekers’ round-up, I’ve chosen three articles that cover the general spectrum of the job search process and a semi-wildcard which might not appeal to all jobseekers but offers great value anyway. So here goes… ‘I’m a fun-loving team player’: The terrible buzzwords you must delete...

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3 reasons to freelance while you job seek

Nov 21, 12 3 reasons to freelance while you job seek

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Today is National Freelancers Day. While this may mean nothing to the vast majority of the population, for 14% of workers in the UK this day is actually almost equivalent to Christmas. Okay, possible slight exaggeration aside, National Freelancers Day is now in its 4th year and gathering momentum each year. There are now an...

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The “gradpreneurs” are coming…

  Okay, I must confess my naivety to begin with. A few weeks ago I was twittering away in a conversation about predicting job trends for 2012 (following my Guardian Careers podcast recording). I said, we’re going to see more young people starting businesses, not just young people, but graduates – in fact, 2012 will be the...

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10 realistic New Year resolutions for job seekers

Jan 03, 12 10 realistic New Year resolutions for job seekers

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  Okay, so New Year resolutions are a little played out – everyone’s making them, everyone’s talking about them, and until the end of January everyone…well, most people…will be keeping them so they certainly won’t be going away any time soon. Personally, I’m not a fan of resolutions – I used to be...

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Job market predictions for 2012

I was invited to the Guardian Careers office last week to share my predictions on what I think the job market will look like for graduates in 2012 (scroll down to listen to the podcast). There are three main areas I believe we will see a rise of not just for graduates, but for jobseekers as a whole: 1) “Upside down CVs” With an...

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