Top tips for landing a job in the City…and elsewhere

Oct 03, 13 Top tips for landing a job in the City…and elsewhere

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Last month I had the opportunity to attend Prospects in the City’s ‘Square Mile Jobs‘ learning event, a project aimed at helping unemployed workers in fringe boroughs to access City jobs. The event featured a panel discussion from three City employers – Garfield Cameron, Managing Director of Alpine...

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How to handle those tough interview questions

Apr 04, 13 How to handle those tough interview questions

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So you’ve done the hard work of polishing your CV, crafting that cover letter and filling out application forms that seem to go on forever. Now you’ve been called in for an interview and what you say in the 30, 40 or maybe 60 minutes in front of your potential employer could win or lose the job for you. In this week’s guest...

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5 tips to get your CV past HR

Feb 26, 13 5 tips to get your CV past HR

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HR teams generally have a bad rep in the world of job-seeking – they’re often perceived as the “mean” people who prevent your CV from reaching management and generally obstruct your job progress for the smallest of reasons. But apparently there’s a whole lot more to the HR role than that! In this week’s guest post,...

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How to land a job within six months of graduation

Let’s be honest, the job market isn’t looking too good right now for graduates if the official figures are anything to go by. 1 in 5 graduates are still jobless six months after graduation; the same ratio are making do with part time jobs, while the overall number in voluntary or unpaid roles have also risen. For those who do...

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask a recruiter (part 2)

If you’re looking for a job, signing up to a recruitment agency should be a part of your overall job search strategy (I mean, you do have a job search strategy, right?). Admittedly not all jobseekers realise how valuable recruiters can be, so last week I invited some top recruiters along to answer some of the most common questions...

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