Jobseekers’ round-up: must-have skills, volunteering benefits & mistakes older jobseekers make….

This month’s round-up are three useful career-related articles that have caught my interest – articles I probably would have written myself had these great minds not got there first…

3 Skills Every Professional Should Have  | By Rachel Maleady

In this article, Rachel lists the three skills as public speaking, knowledge of technology, and being good with numbers.

Public speaking - a skill every professional should master... | Image copyright - Malachi Talabi 2013

Public speaking – a skill every professional should master…

While I’m still mastering the third, I couldn’t agree more with the first two – it’s pretty difficult to live without technology these days, and public speaking is one of those skills that will set you up for life if you learn to master it now.

For the latter, I would seriously recommend joining Toastmasters – I’ve been a member of Toastmasters for just over two years (currently president of Tube Talk Toastmasters in Holborn, London) and I consider it to be one of the best career investments I’ve made to date, in both time and money.

Read Rachel’s article here……..

Why Every Jobseeker and New Grad Should Volunteer [6 Reasons] | By Stacy Donovan Zapar

I have actually written a blog about this (see 5 good reasons to do unpaid work experience) but it always helps to hear someone else say it.

The six reasons Stacy gives for championing volunteering (i.e. working for free) are that it develops your work experience, gives you solid references, builds your network, demonstrates your passion, keeps you busy, and keeps you visible to the people that matter (i.e. employers).

I’ll add a seventh – volunteering can also turn into a paid job, if you play your cards right.

Check out Stacy’s article here……..

The 11 Biggest Mistakes Older Job Hunters Make | By Kerry Hannon

I don’t often address older jobseekeers specifically on my blog so it’s always nice to come across other sites and bloggers that do, like this article on Forbes.

Despite the title, this is a helpful article that applies not just to older jobseekers, but all jobseekers in general – mistakes like not being on LinkedIn, having a bad CV, not putting in the hard work of job hunting, and not being proactive can apply to a young jobseeker just as much as an older one.

You can read the rest of the mistakes Kerry highlights here……..

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