Podcast #2 – 21 career advice for 21-year-olds

If you could go back to being 21 again, would you…?

I’d certainly be tempted, that’s for sure! Simply because I’ve learnt so much about the working world over the last few years that would have done me a WHOLE world of good had I known them at 21!

But since I can’t go back in time, the next best thing is to pass on some of those lessons to the next generation……so if you’re 21, coming up to 21, have a child who’s 21, or simply wish you were 21 again(!), this podcast is for you!

In this second episode of Mildred Talabi on Careers, I share 21 things I’ve learnt in the latter part of my life which I believe will be helpful for you to know if you’re 21 and starting out in your career. 

Here’s the short version of the 21 things (in no particular order):

  1. Learn beyond university
  2. Invest in your passion
  3. Learn to speak in public
  4. Plan your career
  5. Earn as much as you can
  6. Build quality relationships
  7. Visit outside your comfort zone
  8. Figure you out
  9. Find faith
  10. Shake off negativity
  11. Seize the day
  12. Travel, work, or live abroad
  13. Get that driving licence
  14. Don’t choose a boy/girlfriend over your career
  15. Don’t stay in a job too long
  16. Progress your career
  17. Be excellent
  18. Be nice
  19. Be an entrepreneur
  20. Embrace technology
  21. Be the best

Click below to listen (34m08s)…

Has this been helpful to you? Let me know in the comments!

If you have a question or dilemma about any part of the job search process that you would like me to cover in a future episode of Mildred Talabi on Careers, let me know by email and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

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  1. Donovan Grant /

    Great podcast Mildred. These 21 tips will be most useful to all young people who are ready to take their careers forward with a solid foundation.

  2. Gosbert /

    Interesting podcast, although I’d say there’s one thing on the list which rules all – Figure you out. I graduated 6 years ago. I’ve worked in several sectors, lived abroad, earned money,wasted money and everything else. If there’s one thing I can say which has proved invaluable, it has to be realising my true purpose. I encourage all those leaving education to really think – what the hell I am on planet earth for? I do take issue with the point about earning as much as you can, its this, in no way does that correlate with happiness or fulfillment. I worked in Finance, good salary, good bonuses… fulfillment? Not for me. Money’s not an evil thing, I aspire to realising true financial freedom for myself, however, I meet way too many graduates who have a misplaced vision of what a ‘Graduate Salary’ is.

    • Hi Gosbert, thanks for sharing your experience and I totally love your ‘what am I on this planet for’ question – I believe it’s the first step to finding and living out a fulfilling career.

      On the financial side, I don’t believe money brings you total fulfillment or anything like that, but I do believe it buys you choice – choice as to where you live, where you work, what you eat, what circles you move in…..a choice to live your life the way YOU want, not just the way you can afford to! This is why I’m wholly in favour of young people realising their earning potential as early as possible.


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