"Handle your 'unfinished business' from last year before you set new goals this year" - Mildred Talabi | Image courtesy of ttstam (Flickr)

On New Years Eve I spent the best part of the day going over my last year’s journal and preparing to create my goals for the (then) coming year, as I do each year.

As I reflected on last year’s progress, to my complete horror, I saw that of the 10 goals I had set myself for the year gone by, I had only achieved a measly three! In school exam terms, that’s a big fat ‘E’ grade on my paper!!!

Why didn’t I achieve these goals? Who cares! What matters is that here I was about to set new goals for the new year, and yet I had seven old goals that were still unfinished and, in fact, no way started.

I took my journal to my wise sage of a husband and shared my woes of not completing my goals. He said something that changed the course of my 2014 before it even started. He said, “Forget setting new goals – handle your unfinished business!”

Unfinished business? Of course that’s what it is! Just like me, Malachi had looked over his goals from last year and saw there were a number of them still left undone and that he still desired to do (albeit a WHOLE lot less than mine!), so instead of setting new goals, his plan was to finish the old ones first – no matter how long it took.

You see, setting new goals for the New Year is a trendy bandwagon many people jump on blindly. Whether it’s losing weight, joining the gym, or errrr….losing weight, most people use the New Year as a time to set new goals that, for the most part, quickly become history two weeks in.

Don’t let that be you this year. The wise Biblical King Solomon once said, “The end of a thing is better than its beginning” (Ecclesiastes 7:8), and so it is!

It’s easy to start things – and there’s no better time to get caught up in starting things than in the New Year – but finishing things is another matter altogether. Many people start, successful people finish.

Maybe you’re still at that job you’ve been promising yourself you’ll leave year after year, or you’re still procrastinating on setting up that LinkedIn account to bring your job search up to the digital age…..whatever the case, if you really want to make this New Year better and more productive than your last year, don’t waste your time making new goals – focus instead on handling your unfinished business!

Happy New Year! 🙂

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photo credit: ttstam via photopin cc