Mildred Talabi with Brand Piano award 2009

You may recall me asking for your help to publicise my article on “Why You Should Reject LinkedIn Connection Requests“, around two months ago.

This was my first entry into the 6th annual JobMob international career blogging contest and after two months and 24 contestants (one disqualified), the final results are in….

I WON!!!

Well….silver prize that is 🙂

(You can view the full list of winners and prizes here)

Coming second place in this contest is exciting for two reasons:

  1. The silver prize package has just what I need to take my career blogging to new levels – which should result in more great content for you, more often;
  2. It gives me something to aspire to next year – gold!

The best athletes stay on top of their game by aiming for a higher target each time so the same principle can apply to blogging (and anything else you want to achieve for that matter) 😉

A big heartfelt thank you for all your help in sharing the article and helping to spread the word.

All 24 entries contained useful tips and advice to help you move further in your career so it’s well worth checking out the full list of articles.

Here are eight of my favourites (in no particular order):

That’s all folks – let me know what useful tips you pick up from the articles… (PS: that picture above is me winning a different award)

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