The vital first step to landing your dream job

Outside the London 2012 Olympic Park for Paralympics athletics

The picture above is of me and a group of young people and staff at the Olympic Park just before we sat down to watch athletics at the London 2012 Paralympic games.

This Saturday, I’m going again to the park – this time to watch men’s 5-a-side football.

Am I excited? You bet! Not just because I get to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity twice, but because from the moment I found out the Olympics was coming to London, I really, REALLY wanted to be a part of it – I just HAD to be there!

You see, two years ago I watched highlights of the World Cup in South Africa on TV and even though I’m not a massive football fan (I’ve just about got my head round the offside rule), there was just something about the buzz and the excitement I could see on screen that made me want to be there in person, or at least experience the equivalent elsewhere.

London 2012 provided the perfect opportunity, and best of all it was happening in my own figurative back garden no less.

But there was just one problem – I couldn’t get any tickets; not for the Olympics and not for the Paralympics.

Have you ever wanted something that seemed completely out of your reach? 

All I wanted was the opportunity to set foot in the Park, take some pictures, and be able to tell the grandkids that I was there when history was made.

Dreams can come true: Me and the young people at the London 2012 Olympic Park for paralympic athletics

Dreams can come true: Me and the young people at the London 2012 Olympic Park for paralympic athletics

I got to thinking about how to make it happen and somewhere in the process my subconscious must have taken over because two days into the Paralympics, I was presented with two separate opportunities to go to the games and at no cost – first through work and secondly through a friend who could no longer use tickets they had bought.

Now if you come from the law of attraction (aka ‘The Secret‘) school of thought, you might quickly conclude that this is evidence that you attract into your life whatever you think about the most.

Well, the law of attraction may have contributed to me fulfilling my Olympic dreams but unfortunately it’s not a strategy I would recommend for landing your dream job.

The vital first step…

A few years ago I massively switched on to personal development (mainly through the teachings of Wayne Malcolm) and one of the things I learnt through reading books like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is the power of creating a compelling vision.

Many people deny the existence of a “dream job” but the truth is having a clear written vision for your career can help you find lasting fulfilment in your work life.

A clear vision for your work life is far more valuable to your job hunting efforts than having a great CVcover letter or application form - it is in fact the vital first step to landing your dream job.

It will help you focus your job search and provide you with the energy and momentum to keep on going in the inevitable tough times when it seems like all doors are closed.

If you don’t know how to create a vision, I highly recommend this brilliant podcast on the relationship between vision and productivity by best-selling author and leadership coach Michael Hyatt.

And when you’re done creating your dream job, come back and let me know and we can work on the making it happen part.

Your turn: How important do you think having a vision is for your work life? Is it something you’ve done before or plan to do? Let me know in the comments…

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