5 quirky ways to get noticed in the job market

Listen up, being boring with your job search is soooo 2012! If you really want to get ahead of the competition this year, it’s time to get creative in your approach.

Here are five quirky ways to get yourself noticed in the crowded job market:

1) Get tweeting

If you’re not already tweeting like a bird, you’re missing out on making vital connections with people you wouldn’t normally have direct access to (like hiring managers).

The good news is it’s never too late to start and if you use it correctly, it could be just the thing to land you a job.

Sarah Douglas Evening Standard | www.mildredtalabi.comGerman graduate Ulrike Schulz, used Twitter to transport her from Germany to her dream job in London – without having any previous connections here.

Sarah Douglas used Twitter to gain the attention of a company chairman offering £50k for a PA position.

If it worked for these ladies, it could work for you too.

Pros: you become your own brand; you reach a wider network; you can directly reach the people with the power; it could go viral and make you famous

Cons: you need a base of followers to achieve the ripple effect; you need to have the right kind of followers, who themselves have the right kind of followers to RT your message; it’s time-consuming

2) Make a video

Admittedly this one is not as quirky as it used to be as many more people have caught on since Graeme Anthony’s video CV in 2011 which landed him a well-paid PR job (see below).

Pros: it’s live and direct – literally; only basic start-up equipment is required (i.e. a really good smartphone video camera would do); most employers are now open to this method; it shows off your creativity; it sells your personal brand

Cons: you have to be comfortable in front of the camera; the camera doesn’t love everyone – it may not love you; if you do it wrong, it could work against you; it’s not new or all that original any more

3) Hire a billboard

Media graduate Adam Pacitti made the news with his attention-grabbing stunt of paying £500 for a giant billboard asking for employment.

Adam Pacitti job search billboard | www.mildredtalabi.com

He didn’t just leave it with a billboard though – Adam had already set up a website to direct the inevitable traffic from the billboard to his ready-made self-promotional video, and of course he already had a Twitter page, which as a result of the exposure (and from his previous stunt of looking for his dream woman) now has over 14k followers.

Not a bad return on investment for £500.

Pros: if done well, it generates PR money can’t buy

Cons: it’s expensive; it works best when accompanied by social media marketing (Adam’s billboard ad was retweeted over 7,000 times); it doesn’t suit every profession; at the time of writing, Adam still had no firm job offers – just lots of “positive” support…

4) Hang out on the roadside

After two years of unemployment, Mark Wheeldon got so desperate for work that he hung out at the roadside at a busy roundabout in the pouring rain with a “please give me a job” sign.

Unemployed man bags job on the spot

Although Mark was prepared to stand there all day, luckily his ordeal only lasted three hours before he was spotted by a factory director, invited to an interview and given a job on the same day.

Pros: it’s attention-grabbing; it demonstrates determination and a willing, proactive attitude

Cons: it’s embarassing; the desperation of it could be off-putting to employers; you could get soaking wet…

5) Go wild with your CV

Visual CV - Riccardo Sabatini


If all else fails, take the traditional submit your CV approach and turn it on its head by producing a real stunner of a CV.

Check out some of these great visual CV examples on Pinterest for inspiration.

Pros: your CV will definitely stand out in a pile

Cons: you have to have pretty top draw design skills to pull it off




Have you come across any other quirky ways? Let me know in the comments…

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