3 honest things you can do at work to prepare you for your next job | Image courtesy of 'Evil Erin'

Here’s the deal – long gone are the days of having a job for life. They’re dead, gone, and buried – probably lying in the same grave as gramophones, typewriters, and cassette tapes.

The average person now goes through 10-15 jobs a lifetime and the ‘stick-around’ rate per job is now also dropping, with just three to four years becoming more and more common.

While some of these frequent movements are choices made by the individual, the economic climate of the past five years or so means that redundancies are also on the rise. You may have a good job now but things can change at the drop of a hat, so it’s always good to be prepared by planning ahead for your next job while you’re in your current one.

Am I advocating that you spend your billable work hours trawling through job sites and secretly updating your LinkedIn profile? Absolutely not!

But here are three perfectly honest – and surprisingly simple – things you can do at work to boost your chances of your next job:

1) Give 100% of yourself

Now, I don’t mean coming in at silly-o-clock and working until way past sun-down to score brownie points with the boss (that’s just asking for a mental/physical breakdown), what I do mean is that when you are at work, BE at work!

Be there wholeheartedly – work hard, gel with the team, champion the cause of the organisation, set aside personal agendas…This kind of conduct doesn’t go unnoticed (especially if it’s genuine), and when the day comes that you have to move on, your boss will be sad to see you go – but of course happy to provide a glowing reference.

2) Grab every learning opportunity 

Whether in the shape of formal learning via a course or training programme, or just gleaning wisdom and knowledge from colleagues above you, it’s important to grab every learning opportunity that comes your way at work – simply because at the other end is great personal development and growth!

Or as the author, Sarah Caldwell, said: 

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can, there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.” 

You may not have your next career move figured out entirely just yet, but the more learning opportunities you grab hold of, the more likely it is that you will discover what you love. Be open to new challenges and dare to venture into the unknown!

3) Write down every achievement

Contrary to what most people do, the best time to actually write your CV is while you’re in work. While you’re learning and growing and giving 100% of yourself, it’s also very important to note down your every achievement along the way – otherwise you’re going to really struggle with putting together your CV by the time you decide to leave.

If you wait until you finish the job to try and compile your key responsibilities and achievements while you were there, you’re more likely to forget important details and end up selling yourself short. A better strategy is to keep notes as you go along – this way you’ll capture everything and have it to hand when you need it.

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So there you have it – three honest things you can do at work to prepare for your next job.

Good luck! 🙂

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photo credit: Evil Erin via photopin cc