10 questions to ask yourself before sending off your CV


So you’ve decided to cut costs (or corners) by giving yourself a CV makeover instead of hiring a CV expert to get the job done?

Well, this isn’t necessarily a bad idea……..IF you know what you’re doing!

Making the effort to review your CV each time you apply for a job is very good practice, but before you hit the send button on that CV, here are 10 questions you must ask yourself to make sure you’ve covered all the grounds:

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If you need further explanation on any of the questions, let me know in the comments box

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  1. Mildred, this is good advice. The question of “would I hire me?’ is important. If there is anything on a candidates cv that they don’t like, it’s got to be changed or improved.

  2. The gap in the employment is an important part in the CV which is neglected most of the time.


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