Freelancing? Don’t make these 10 simple mistakes online…

People Per Hour - a UK based online marketplace for freelance work and services

I use freelancers a lot in my CV makeover business and I used them a whole lot more when I was involved in project management, PR and various other activities for clients before I went back into full time work.

If you don’t already freelance and you’re job-seeking, I recommend you look into freelancing – asap – as a way to:

  • make some money;
  • develop your skills further;
  • stop yourself going crazy from the boredom that comes with looking for work full time.

Even if you can’t immediately think of any skills you might have to offer, it’s worth browsing through some of the freelance sites (such as People Per Hour or Elance) to see the diverse range of skills and services other people are offering (you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what people are willing to pay for).

Elance: a great site for freelancers to sell skills and services

Elance: a great site for freelancers to sell skills and services

Freelancing is competitive

Like today’s job market, the freelance market is extremely competitive.

Not only are there dozens and dozens of freelance sites out there, there are also thousands and thousands of freelancers competing for contracts on these sites.

The good news – for you that is – is that many of these budding freelancers are getting it wrong and therefore losing out on those vital contracts.

They’re making 10 simple mistakes that you should avoid if you want to succeed.

The 10 simple mistakes…

1) Not addressing the client by name where a name’s been provided

2) Not reading the job advert properly

3) Submitting generic bids

4) Writing bids that are too long

5) Writing bids that are too short

6) Quoting too high a price

7) Quoting too low a price

8) Asking “clarification” questions that are already covered in the project advert

9) Re-submitting a proposal after being rejected the first time

10) Contacting the client directly outside of the freelance forum

I come across these simple mistakes all too often on the freelance forums and it’s the freelancers that don’t make them that land the contracts. Now go forth and prosper!

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