My 10 personal new year commitments for 2013

I don’t really believe in New Year resolutions but what I do believe is that each new year brings a new opportunity to do things better than the previous year, and to grow even more as a person.

One of the best ways to make sure this growth happens is to set goals and then make yourself accountable to others to fulfil them. So in light of that, here are my 10 personal New Year commitments for 2013:

1) Write every day 

Mildred's baby picture

That’s me as a baby – cute, I know :-) I’ve been writing from as early as I can remember…

For someone who was practically born with pen and paper in hand, I’ve realised I don’t write half as much as I should or want to, so from next year I’m committing to writing everyday – at least 200 words a day about whatever I feel like writing about.

It won’t all make it to my blog (that will still be once a week), but it will be written.

2) Start podcasting

I’ve been meaning to do this for the longest of time but just haven’t got round to it as yet. I’m going to start a careers podcast in addition to the weekly blog posts so look out for that soon…

3) Become a better public speaker

It took me the best part of my adult life to realise just how important public speaking is  - not just for your career but in general. If you can communicate well you’ll have the world on its knees (well, something like that…).

At the moment I do speak in public – I give career talks and run seminars and workshops at universities and career events, but for where I want to go (think TED Talk), I’m a long way away from being the kind of speaker I want to be so it’s time for mastery in 2013!

4) Do a Masters

For the latter half of 2012 I’ve been thinking that I’d love to learn something new again; not through a book or a blog post, but formally, in a university, thus the Masters idea. The only problem is I don’t know what I want to learn just yet so for 2013 I’m going to commit to at least exploring what options are out there.

5) Visit the States

Yep, I’d love to go to the White House and shake hands with President Obama and Michelle, but for now anywhere in America will do.

6) Meet Victoria Beckham

This may come as a surprise but Victoria Beckham is someone I’ve developed a great respect and admiration for since she kicked the other Spice Girls to the kerb.

Super couple: The Beckhams | Image courtesy of "Frisky Tuna"

Totally love “Brand Beckham” – looking forward to meeting Victoria in 2013 ;-)

I can’t imagine it being easy being a (hot-looking, I might add) mother of four, managing your husband’s global empire, running your own successful business, and still find time to do the normal things like have family dinner round the table (that’s me assuming they do this).

So lady Becks, I salute you…until the day we meet.

7) Release my second book

Following on from 7 Keys to a Winning CV, I’ve started working on my second book which should be coming out in Spring 2013. It’s a handbook for graduate jobseekers which will contain absolutely everything a graduate needs to know to succeed in today’s job market.

There will be a launch event so join my mailing list if you would like to be kept up to date on the details.

8) Do more guest posts and articles

I’ve had to turn down a lot of guest posting and article writing opportunities this year because I just didn’t have the time to fit it all in, having gone back to work in April.

Now that I’m settled in with a better routine, I can churn out a few more articles so if you want me to write for you, drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do. Plus, it helps me tick off my write every day commitment anyway so it’s a win-win…

9) Do 10 CV makeovers a month

Few things give me more pleasure than helping people to make a positive change in their work life. One of the ways I currently do this is through CV makeovers - writing CVs and cover letters for people that get them interviews, which gets them the job, which puts money in their pocket, which puts a smile on their face, which puts a smile on my face, and makes the world a happier place…nice.

10) Read even more books

Last year I set myself a target to read one book a month, which would have added up to 12 books by the end of the year. Well I beat my own target by four books (with three more half-read books I might try and squeeze in before the year’s out), so next year I’m aiming for 24 books in total, as a minimum. You can check out what I’ve read on my Pinterest books board here.

Mildred's Pinterest books board

I’ve read 16 books this year; next year I’m aiming for 24…

So there you have it – my ten personal new year commitments for 2013!

What are some of your personal commitments? Let me know in the comments and let’s become accountable to each other for the New Year. Happy Christmas :-)

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photo credit: friskytuna via photopin cc



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