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Help me choose the cover of my new book!

Okay friends, I’ve come to a crucial stage in book number two and I need your help in moving forward! But before we come to that, a quick background on the journey so far in case this is your first time reading my blog – in which case, welcome! (If you already know the story, or you’re really impatient, scroll down...

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5 Ways to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Jun 25, 14 5 Ways to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

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If you’re currently looking for a job, it is imperative that: a) you stop procrastinating and get on LinkedIn right now, if you haven’t already; and… b) when you do get there, that you optimise your profile fully to make yourself professionally attractive, should a recruiter come looking in your direction. Here are...

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Read, watch & listen: three keys to greatness in your work and life

“You’re the same today as you’ll be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read.”  - Charlie “Tremendous” Jones (author and motivational speaker) If the tremendous Charlie were living in today’s times when he made this now famous statement, he might have added to the “…except for...

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Jobseekers’ round-up (May): inspiring women and career advancement

This month’s roundups are made up of two videos and a blog article featuring three people I greatly admire and respect. WATCH: Sheryl Sandberg’s commencement speech I have been a huge fan of Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook Chief Operating Officer, since seeing her speak live at the London School of Economics sometime in...

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Top Tips for quickly improving your CV

May 21, 14 Top Tips for quickly improving your CV

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Your CV is one document you’re going to need to pay special attention to throughout your working life and there’s always something new to learn about improving it. In this sponsored guest post, recruitment agent, Simon Cruz, offers his top tips for quickly improving your CV. GUEST POST BY SIMON CRUZ A ‘curriculum vitae’,...

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“Stay eternally optimistic” – how one long-term jobseeker survived SIX years of unemployment!

Around three years ago I met a jobseeker by the name of Uzoma, who attended the WHSmith signing of my book, 7 Keys to a Winning CV: How to create a CV that gets results. Uzoma came across as bright and intelligent and his CV showed a diverse range of skills and experience, but yet he was unemployed and had been for the last three...

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Jobseekers’ round-up (April): CV buzzwords, cover letter headlines & side hustlin’

For this month’s Jobseekers’ round-up, I’ve chosen three articles that cover the general spectrum of the job search process and a semi-wildcard which might not appeal to all jobseekers but offers great value anyway. So here goes… ‘I’m a fun-loving team player’: The terrible buzzwords you must delete...

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ASK MILDRED: How do I find a job as an older, experienced jobseeker?

I get asked a lot of questions about job-seeking on and offline, so today I’m introducing a new feature on my blog to help provide you with some answers – “Ask Mildred”! About once every fortnight (maybe more), I will answer your burning career or job search questions personally, or bring in special guests with expertise in...

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Young and employed? Please take this survey (and feature in my next book)

Mar 08, 14 Young and employed? Please take this survey (and feature in my next book)

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Since writing my first book, 7 Keys to a Winning CV (published in 2011), I have had the rewarding privilege of working closely with young people to help them find jobs. Along the way, I discovered that a lot of the struggle young people have in finding work – and part of the reason for the high unemployment rate for the 16-24...

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My response to Nick Clegg’s employment plans for NEET young people

Feb 27, 14 My response to Nick Clegg’s employment plans for NEET young people

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So Nick Clegg is turning his attention to the “forgotten” NEETs – the estimated one million young people who are not going to university and not engaged in any other form of education, employment or training. This is a very welcome move as there are increasingly more young people shunning higher education due to the absurd...

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