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Changes afoot: podcast relaunch

Jul 15, 15 Changes afoot: podcast relaunch

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Following the release of my second book, The Science of Successful Job Hunting, last September, I launched a podcast series of the same name at the beginning of this year to continue to bring you practical job hunting strategies to support your career goals. Four episodes in to the podcasts, I realised that as beneficial as it is...

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The A-Z of landing your dream job [PODCAST – EP4]

Episode 4 of The Science of Successful Job Hunting podcast is a literal A-Z guide to landing your dream job (or any job you want). From taking ACTION to setting GOALS, embracing OPPORTUNITIES to building meaningful RELATIONSHIPS, this quick handy guide is something you can refer to over and over again as you progress in your...

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Go the extra mile…with Alfred Ajani [PODCAST – Ep3]

In this third episode of The Science of Successful Job Hunting podcast, I interview marketing graduate – and now media personality – Alfred Ajani, to find out more about how to go the extra mile in your job search and get yourself noticed. Alfred is the clever young man who landed himself a job after standing outside...

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Read & Grow: 10 life-changing books [PODCAST – EP2]

This second episode of The Science of Successful Job Hunting podcast series is all about personal development – specifically, how reading books can help you grow. I share my thoughts on why personal development is crucial and the 10 books that have made the greatest impact on me in recent years. Listen to Episode...

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Goal clarity – the vital first step of job hunting [PODCAST – EP1]

The vital first step to success in your job hunting is to be very clear in your goals. In this first episode of The Science of Successful Job Hunting podcast series, you can find out why goal clarity is so important and how you can get clear on your own job hunting goals before you start. Listen to Episode 1 (11m07s) Got any...

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New PODCAST series – coming soon!

I’m really excited to be launching a new podcast series on ‘The Science of Successful Job Hunting’ from February 2015! Based on my book of the same name, the podcast series will explore all aspects of job hunting and careers – from CV and interview tips and techniques, to secrets of tapping the hidden job...

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*Grab it now* – half price on The Science of Successful Job Hunting!

There’s no better time to get into the spirit of giving than at Christmas! So with just two weeks to go until the big day, I want to give you a special gift of my own – the chance to own your copy of my latest book, The Science of Successful Job Hunting, at just half the price! Published in September 2014, The...

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3 simple actions to get the most from your book reading…

Dec 09, 14 3 simple actions to get the most from your book reading…

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[EXCERPT FROM MY LINKEDIN PULSE ARTICLE, PUBLISHED 08.12.14] I have always been into books and reading. When I was little girl I couldn’t think of anything more pleasurable than curling up with a good fiction novel and escaping from the realities of my life to a fantastic imaginary world where anything was possible. As an...

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How to ask an expert for help…without ticking them off

One of the things that come along with having any kind of success in your field is that you automatically become the go to person for mass “brain picking”* in that arena. The Internet, and with it social media, has made it much easier for people to approach experts for help without much inhibition. I get a LOT of...

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3 Lessons from The Science of Successful Job Hunting

It’s been over three weeks now since I launched my new book, The Science of Successful Job Hunting, and I’m really encouraged by the response so far from both readers and supporters! Here’s a particularly great review – with three tips you can use – from career book experts Hilton Catt and Patricia...

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