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How to find your next job inside your current role…with Malachi Talabi [PODCAST – EP 38]

When searching for a new job many of us think of starting afresh outside of our present organisation, but have you considered that your next job can come from your current role? My guest on today’s show did exactly this. Malachi Talabi is an award-winning public speaker, entrepreneur and author – and he’s also my...

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5 ways to get recognised in the workplace

Jun 14, 16 5 ways to get recognised in the workplace

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In today’s workplace, career progression doesn’t just happen by itself. In a modern business environment, everyone wants the next promotion, so it’s up to you to get yourself noticed. In this sponsored guest post, find out how to get noticed at work for all the right reasons. There are plenty of ways you can make sure you...

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Supercharge your job hunting…with Jacob Share [PODCAST – EP 37]

My guest on today’s show is an expert at creating THE ultimate job search resource guides which are used and shared by hundreds of jobseekers worldwide. Jacob Share is somewhat of an internet mogul. As the founder of Share Select Media, Jacob has almost 10 years of experience building and growing authority blog-based communities,...

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How to be a Management Consultant…with Richard Newton [PODCAST – EP 36]

In Episode 36 of The Science of Successful Job Hunting, we discuss a subject I’ve been looking into myself for the next phase of my career and that is management consultancy! My guest Richard Newton is the author of “The Management Consultant: Mastering the art of consultancy”, which is just one of 16 published books he has...

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Develop and market your career brand…with Craig McAlpine [PODCAST – EP 35]

Today’s episode is all about developing and marketing your personal brand for your career progression. My guest is Craig McAlpine, the founder of MyCareerBrand – a New Zealand-based organisation that delivers innovative career coaching and employer services that helps jobseekers communicate their personal brand to employers, and...

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Coming up…and a surprise announcement! [PODCAST – EP 34]

This solo round episode is a bit of a ‘non-episode’! I have a surprise announcement for you, as well as details of future episodes coming up that you really don’t want to miss! Check it out…! Listen to Episode 34 below (9m25s) or click here to download… Got any questions or thoughts about this...

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Career inspiration: From college musician to top sales guru…with Jermaine Edwards [PODCAST – EP 33]

My guest on today’s ‘Career Inspiration’ segment is Jermaine Edwards. Jermaine is the founder of the Key Account Hack System, a recognised authority in the area of sales and key client growth and……most importantly, someone I went to college with well over a decade ago! Jermaine has lived in four...

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7 LinkedIn profile mistakes to avoid [PODCAST – EP 32]

Following on from the last solo round on the seven CV mistakes you want to look out for (episode 30), this episode focuses on LinkedIn and the mistakes you don’t want to be making on your profile! These mistakes range from your choice of profile picture to how you engage – or not – with others on the platform. If...

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Volunteer your way to your next job…with Mike Sherriff [PODCAST – EP 31]

Today’s episode is all about volunteering and how it can potentially help you land your next job. As the CEO of Voluntary Action Islington, my guest Mike Sherriff has championed the cause of volunteering for almost a decade. Amongst his achievements in the role is spearheading the launch of the Voluntary Action Academy, an online...

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7 CV mistakes to look out for [PODCAST – EP 30]

Today’s solo round is all about the seven CV mistakes you want to look out for and avoid on your own CV. This comes off the back of a new sub-service I’ve just launched on my CV Makeover Expert website where you can get your CV and/or LinkedIn profile reviewed by me at a very minimal investment. I’m currently offering...

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